Listing Fees

Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE once the ad is published. Ads may be edited up to 48 hours after initial posting only (ads still in cart can be edited anytime); please review your ad carefully before payment and posting. All fees are shown INCLUSIVE of the HST and based on the Landlord entering their own ads *.

  • Basic Ad (includes 1 photo):
    • Landlord Contract Program (LCP) Units - $5/30 day ad
    • Non Contract Units - $35/30 day ad
  • Deluxe Ad (includes up to 3 photos):
    • LCP Units - $10/30 day ad
    • Non Contract Units - $40/30 day ad
  • Premium Ad (includes up to 10 photos plus special background on summary listing in search results):
    • LCP Units - $25/30 day ad
    • Non Contract Units - $55/30 day ad

* If you would like Community Housing staff to enter your ad for you, an additional $5 charge per ad will apply. Please note, we are not able to upload photos for you should you choose to have us create the ad for you; thus only the basic ad option is available where Community Housing Staff enter the ad (no photo).

If for some reason you are not comfortable with paying online, you can enter your own ad, save it to a 'cart' in your account and come to Community Housing to make the payment and get the ad published. There will be no additional charge for this.

Accepted Methods of Payment: Cash, Money Order, Debit, Visa/Mastercard.