Landlord Contract Program Facts

  • The Residential Tenancies Act was enacted on January 31, 2007
  • A number of changes took place with this new piece of legislation
  • Section 37; relating to the use of termination agreement
    • Educational institutions were successful in their bid to receive an exemption where private landlords were not
    • Universities have been given the ability to pass along the privilege of using the termination agreement under certain circumstances to private landlords
  • Landlords must meet certain criteria before the University  can pass along the privilege of using the termination agreement
    • The unit(s) to be rented must be inspected to meet minimum property standards by a certified property inspector
    • The landlord must enter into a contract with the University for each unit inspected and agree to adhere to certain conditions, including only raising rent by the guideline amount (per R.T.A.) even if tenants change.
  • After entering into a contract with the University, landlords will have the ability to:
    • use a termination agreement for those units which contracts were entered into with the University that met minimum standards and other criteria listed on the contract;
    • receive priority placement on the Queen's Listing Service when advertising those units in the program (a preferred listing rate of $5/ad/30 days vs $35/ad/30 days is also provided);
    • provide rental accommodation for periods suitable for students needs
  • If the landlord breaches the agreement with the University it could impact the ability to use the services of Community Housing

For further details please contact Community Housing, at 613-533-2501 or by email.

Information on legal terminations of tenancies